Standard Bluetooth® mesh-based locating and sensing

Scaleable, secure and affordable

Become a SensorMesh™ Integration Partner

We are always on the lookout for suitable integration partners. Qualified partners are well established solution providers in specific industries such as health, manufacturing, logistics and education.

We provide the easy way to add Bluetooth mesh asset tracking, IoT sensing and location based triggering to your portfolio of products and services. Gain access to our specialist expertise in Bluetooth and beacon-based solutions. Take advantage of our reseller pricing.

You can provide added value by adding software, industry specific screens, reports and bridges to other systems. Provide added value data analysis such as machine learning. Bundle your existing products, hardware sales, installation services and support.


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Please note we only supply business to business (B2B).


SensorMesh™ is a product from BeaconZone Ltd in the United Kingdom. 
We are specialists in beacons and solutions.